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Expertise Areas


Labeling....while it seems pretty straight forward an error on a label can be costly.

At the least it may resulting in denied state registration and/or addition cost in design changes and possible lost of label inventory. Or it could be considered misbranding and result in a Class 3 recall. The "romance" copy on a label is where most companies run into issues.

European label requirement? JnG Advisory can help.

Product Development

The key to successful develoment of a product is to clearly define the goal in detail. Many a marketing group has been disappointed by either not clearly spelling out the expectations or by changing the expections after a critical development phase.   "Plan, plan, &  plan again before you start to execute the plan" . H. Kissinger.

JnG Advisory can plan and bring your plans to fruition.


​Zoosanitary regulations.

Products/ingredients to be imported/exported must be manufactured to meet the importing country's zoosanitary regulation. Let  JnG Advisory  help you understand and full fill the regulatory requirements.


Organic Products

JnG Advisory can lead the way through 7 CFR 205, the NOP, National Organic Program if it is your desire to enter the organic pet food segment of the market.


​​Nutrition is often neglected or assumed. Several years ago PETA was succesful in influencing pet food companies (directly or indirectly) to stop nutritional testing. The result is companies rely on a "formulated to meet" statement. Formulated nutritional claims should be reviewed both in the abstract and in the actual. Let JnG Advisory audit your nutritional claims.

Process Development

Currently the focus of process development has be in wet pet food from the pate to engineered analogs. Designing process lines to manufacture up to 16 tons of finished product per hour. Expertise in various packaging types; cans; pouches; and polyethylene cups/tubs.

Hands-on experience with ultra high inclusion of fresh meat extrusion.

JnG Advisory  can qualify both the product and the process to ensure product consistancy as well as ensure an intergrated understanding of CCP throughout the manufacturing processes.

Are you selling or using an ingredient that may come into question as to it's regulatory status? Let JnG Advisory bring sanity to a murky regulatory.

Quality Assurance

Need help understanding whats required under FSMA? Let JnG Advisory bring to you a comprehensive quality assurance program that will not only meet FSMA requirement but will provide comfort to your customers.


Let JnG Advisory help you to justify the your product claims, be it an ingredient or a formulated product (Hairball Control; Low Magnesium; etc.).

Need help in Export or Import? Does my product meet the FTC requirments for "Made In USA"?

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