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"I consider myself fortunate to have worked for Jeff Gibbs for 13 years, as he taught and coached me from his vast knowledge of companion animal nutrition, formula development and pet food regulatory affairs..................



"I have worked with Jeff for nearly 15 years as his direct supervisor. He has a tremendous breadth of knowledge in pet food formulation and regulatory affairs which has been invaluable in that I have been able to use him in flexible roles in our group. He is highly regarded for his detailed knowledge of formulation considering not just the process itself but a key understanding of how to accommodate the inherent variability of raw materials.....................



"Jeffery Gibbs has been a Professional Manager for both Menu Foods, Inc. (purchased by Simmons Pet Food, Inc. in 2010) and Simmons Pet Food, Inc. for over 20 years. Jeff had a good working relationship with Regulatory Agencies such as....................


I'm Mocha. Yes, I know mocha is a chocolate name and I'm a Black Lab. Ask him>>>>>>>>>>>>>, he thinks I look Chocolate in the bright sunlight. Seriously, I'm ten years old and livin' the dog's dream.




<<<<<<<<<<I toy with him letting him think he's the boss. 'nuf said.

Jeffery N. Gibbs

I started my pet food career in 1981 at the Carnation Company leading development on such marquee brands as Mighty Dog, Friskies, & Fancy Feast over the next decade. Spent two years as the product manager for pet food enhancers manufactured by Bioproducts (purchased by AFB). In 1993 I grabbed the opportunity to join the fast growing wet pet food manufacturer Menu Foods leading development of the products, processes, quality, regulatory, and nutritional programs currently in place.

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