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  • Label reviews to support;

    • License/Registration/Tonnage for all US states.

  • Resolve product/ingredient issues with government agencies such as State, FDA, USDA, FSIS, CFIA, or USCBP entities.

  • Spearhead ingredient definition process through FDA-CVM and/or AAFCO process.

  • Create, conduct, and submit protocol for nutritional claim substantiation.

  • Evaluate products for through science-based modeling for compliance to label nutritional statement.

  • Provide product/process development ideation support for existing or new novel products. 

  • Design/conduct accelerated storage studies to ensure efficacy at "Best By" date.

  • FSMA ingredient quality assurance systems for ingredient suppliers.

  • Create necessary documentation for the import/export of finished products or ingredients.



Areas of Expertise

Nutritional Assurance

Regulatory Compliance​


Product Development


Process Development




Palatability Development & Testing


Analytical/Microbial testing



Jeffery N. Gibbs

Over 30 years of experience as a Pet Food Professional working with Nestle, Menu Foods and Simmons Pet Food. These fine companies allowed me to develop expertise in many areas of the Pet Food Industry.

My experience has been closely involved with all manufacturing and quality control/assurance aspects, from product/process; nutrition,  palatability systems; HACPP; ingredient safety; and regulatory compliance. This makes me uniquely capable of viewing the process holistically, from product ideation through to safe, effective, economical commercialization.

I can share the same expertise with your company and provide leadership to your team members.





March 14th 2007


The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was catalized by this event. Jeffery N. Gibbs was at the epicenter, the learnings throughout the process are irreplacable and lead to the development of a mentality to prevent repeating history. Did you know that the so called Chinese vital wheat gluten was vitality tested and found to be substandard?

May 2003


In 2003 the US-Canadian border shutdown for the transport of beef. The "normal" US beef ingredients used in Canadian production of pet food were no long available. Over 100 beef containing formulations had to be reformulated virtually overnight by Jeffery N. Gibbs to avoid customer shortages.

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